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Goodbye Wood Street Indoor Market

Yesterday we went back to the market for our get out. We packed up the costume, ripped up the red carpet and poured the scientist's fluid down the sink.

It was an emotional good bye when we left the traders, knowing that by the time we come back to say hello the section of the market we have been working in will have been pulled to the ground. During our show the demolition had already started with hammers smashing down walls as Libby (Betty Ray Rose) was singing. yesterday the market was covered in dust as we shoved everything into a van.

But we have had a ball. Overall we have had hundreds of people watch our installation, we have lead seven workshops with over 200 hundred people and we have performed sixteen shows to over 700 hundred people from every section of the community you can imagine.

Along the way we have met some amazing people who were all fantastic to us and enjoyed what we were doing. We met Norman who not only is the star of the installation, but who came to three performances, the last one with his hat from world war two. He wanted to show us what he was wearing at our age. We met Everett who made our rehearsals a dream. We met Elliot, a grandson of one of the traders who did not miss a show. David the framer, our neighbour who always looked out for us and never missed a Joey Smokes shoot out. There was John the market manager who asked Libby for a photo for the mantel piece to keep the kids away from the fire. Gigi who supplied half the costumes. Mr Bonito and his coffees. Jan who gave Joe a cake because he wasn’t looking himself. Jasmin who was always there with a smile. There was the man who sang along even though he didn’t know the words. The group of twelve year olds that came six times. The woman who shouted at Nick that he had no hair. Florence from Alliston house who was simply hilarious. Everyone we met was fantastic. This area has people who are kind, caring and strong with a fascinating history and a lot to offer. We loved being there and hoped we helped bring these people together in a conversation that we are sure will carry on.

In light of the changing face of London and the destruction of public space, this welcoming community is strong and we hope it can remain so. Thank you for letting us be a part of it all and allowing us to bring a little bit of silliness into your lives.

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