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Street Theatre


Because not all theatre happens in theatres.


Our range of existing silly characters are ready to come out and play whenever the time is right. We also create bespoke characters/shows for festivals, community projects and corporate events. We pride ourselves on our talented pool of performers that can make anything work.

The Cinema Ushers​

Forget the lights and camera, we've got all the action!

Our vintage ushers are here to help you find the right seat or to re-live your favourite movie scene. From the most gruesome deaths to the silliest of dance routines they are loaded with cinematic facts and are eager to shine the way.

The Holiday Makers

The Holiday Makers have arrived! They've packed a case full of slapstick, mischievous gags and noisey props for their stay here. Be it the town square, the high street or the local park, they've saved their pennies to get here and they are determined to have fun.

Vacationing at a space near you, our performers are guaranteed to bring a little silliness, and raise a lot

of smiles.

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