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Workshops...take two!

Yesterday we had our second workshop at Holy Family Catholic School.

We had a great couple of hours. At the end of the workshops we spent a bit of time thinking about if there were still film studios on Wood Street, what films would we like them to make.

The participants split into three groups and came up with some fantastic ideas.

The Ham Pound Idiot. This film is a modern day slapstick silent movie. The film is set in Walthamstow and sees bandits robbing from pound land, Charlie Chapin ordering from Dixie chicken and the Three Stooges having coffee at the Costa by Walthamstow Central Station

Youngers in the Hood. Another film set in modern day Walthamstow. This is a gritty British film that shows hood rats getting drunk in Lloyd Park,

Heavy Rain. This is set in the 40s in Wood Street. It is about the origami killer. The killer drowns children and leaves their bodies with an origami flower in their hand. It is up to two rivals an FBI agent and a PI who left the agency to find the killer.

At the end of the workshop which focuses on the cinematic history one of the participants wrote,

'I was suprised and feel proud to come from Walthamstow'.

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