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It's Workshop Time.

We are now getting into the workshops of our project around Wood Street. Today we found ourselves in Holy Family Catholic School. Leading today’s workshop was one of our performers Joe Fleming and workshop leader Olly Hawes.

The participants were taken through performing styles of the ages, from what they see in cinemas today to the talkies and finally to silent film. Joe is a street performer so all the exercises lead to big silly performances by the students. They gave us loads of great ideas to use in our show. Watch out for the mad professor dance!

They were asked to think about what it would have been like to be an audience member in films then, and what it would have been like in Walthamstow in 1915 when the Crown Cinema on Wood Street opened.

We had a great time with a great bunch of students. In classic street theatre style the workshop was cut short because of a fire control of the surroundings! But we will be back there tomorrow. We can’t wait.

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