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We're back in business!

So today we got the keys to the shop! No. 49 Wood Street Indoor Market is now our new home/office/rehearsal space/cinema/whatever else we can throw at it.

Our last project here was back in 2012 under the premise of A Night at the Dogs and we loved it so much we had to come back! And luckily we've now been given the keys to the very same shop, which is really exciting! There have been lots of friendly familiar faces and some brand spanking new ones. I can safely say that all our neighbours seem absolutely brilliant (luckily we didn't have to resort to door to door knocking with baskets of homebaked muffins or the premise of borrowing a bag of sugar) everyone was keen to hear what we had in store for them this time and now it's going to be even bigger and better.. and dare I say it.. sillier!

So fingers crossed, here's to the next 2 months! Slap Haddock are here and we're selling you the opportunity of a life time! So get involved and come on down, there's room for everyone, because A Night at the Pictures is COMING SOON!

Emily x

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