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What colour is this dress?!!

March 3, 2015

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3 Mar 2015


A question I posed to several people and had good hearty discussions over. Some ending in.. YOU ARE WRONG WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS. I'm one of those that started off seeing it as white and gold and then half way through the day the colour changed! So I now annoyingly see both options. A feat I can only put down to pure withcraft or more synically a very slow changing gif designed to ruin the worl...

14 Feb 2015

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

In the spirit of declaring your love for one day only, here's our excuse to celebrate the little things in life that we particularly love to love... 



  1. Overhearing a juicy bit of gossip from someone else on the train

  2. Wandering around a new area and looking up at the buildings

  3. Being recognised by the owner in a cafe

  4. Going to the barbers (eve...

5 Dec 2014

Last week Slap Haddock packed up their bags and went for a day trip up to Newcastle. But seeing the Angel of the North and the Baltic centre were not on the agenda.


We were invited by the fantastic Tender Buttons to go and run a workshop with their participants on how we make theatre.


Tender Buttons  are currently working with Launchpad and the Newcastle and North Tyneside NHS Early Intervention i...

10 Oct 2014

The last time I was in Wood Street properly (and I mean really properly, like beef stew at Bonito's properly, as opposed to just passing through) was the final day of our show A Night at the Pictures. With half of the market crumbling around us, we left with a heavy heart.


The sense of community we felt from working in this area was phenomenal. The welcome we received by each of the market shop ow...

10 Sep 2014

You can now donate to this fantastic cause here.


What is the smallest theatre? Is it a dingy black box studio space? Is it a tiny venue above a pub? Is it your mates tin shed in the back of his garden charging two quid to let you watch paint dry? No, what we're talking about is quite literally the Smallest Theatre in the World. This tiny 'venue' sqeezes it's audience into the side car of a Royal E...

31 Jul 2014

A Night at the Pictures is a couple of months gone and the summer has well and truly started. That can only mean one thing. It is the Summer Season...street theatre.


One of my other hats is as a street performer and this is my fourth Summer Season. So far I have been in Orpington, Lambeth, Newbury, Oldham, Chelmsford, Leyton, Suffolk and more to come. On the street you are performing to the whole...

3 Jun 2014

Yesterday we went back to the market for our get out. We packed up the costume, ripped up the red carpet and poured the scientist's fluid down the sink.

It was an emotional good bye when we left the traders, knowing that by the time we come back to say hello the section of the market we have been working in will have been pulled to the ground. During our show the demolition had already started with...

25 May 2014

We want to say a huge thank you to Maggie, Everett and the rest of the team at St Gabriel's Family Centre on Havant Road. 


We rehearsed there and loved every second. 


Everett made us laugh every day with his jokes and songs.


We asked him what it was like having us and he gave us some last words of advice...

17 May 2014

A couple of Saturday's ago as Nick and I were busy painting the town red (and by town I mean our shop), we were approached by a lovely gentleman called Norman.


The market is a really friendly place, all you need is a smile and people will happily start chatting away with you. But Norman wasn't just anyone..


"I've been told you're the ones I should speak to," he tells us with a grin on his face.


14 May 2014

Yesterday we heard the very sad news that half of Wood Street Indoor Market (incidentally the half we are performing in) has been sold to a developer to turn into flats.


We first performed in the market two years ago with a show about the closed dog track, which is still sitting idle after being sold off for a similar venture. In that time we have seen the market go from strength to strength and n...

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