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The Project

Back in 2012 we created a show called A Night at the Dogs and performed it at the Wood Street Indoor Market. We loved it here so much, we knew we had to come back!


Based on the unique cinematic history of the Indoor Market and the Wood Street area we decided to create something that the local community can really engage with. Providing free arts and educational events we are inviting Walthamstow to connect not only with their area but also with the people around them, encouraging them to come together through their shared experiences and memories.


Our project has three main strands:



Professionally led community workshops for local elderly care homes, primary and secondary schools.


Community Installation

An ongoing community film installation and oral archive in a bespoke vintage cinema within the Wood Street Indoor Market and online.


Live Performances

A series of fun and interactive promenade performances within the Indoor Market.




Watch the trailers:















take stock exchange

Publicity Design by Rebecca Pitt

Video by Rare Moustache



This project was supported by

St Gabriel's Church &

Family Centre


Dressing Room

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