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Community Installation

Utilising our shop No.49 in the indoor market at Wood Street, we have transformed it into a bespoke vintage cinema. Screening a short film of people from the local community talking about their memories of cinema and telling us what their favourite films are.


Our aim is to give people the opportunity to learn something immediate and easily recognisable about the people and area around you. Generating an opportunity for dialogues to begin and connections to be made.


The short film is part of an ongoing oral and visual archive of the local community of Wood Street & Walthamstow.

Much like in the film studio's heyday we are giving

you the opportunity to become an E17 star!

Send us a picture of yourself here with a sign of your favourite film and we will add it to the show reel.


Our cinema opening times 2014

Wood Street Indoor Market - Shop 49

98-100 Wood Street. Walthamstow E17 3HX

Tuesday - Saturday 



Please note that our cinema is now closed.

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