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The Fyrts family have been around...





Uncle Sid

The oldest member of the Fyrsts family, known for never smiling.


Every day he has a pickled herring sandwich with extra pickle for lunch. He may look a grump but get him going about something he likes and you’ll never hear the end of it.


The first time he bought a scratch card he won a quid….He refuses to break his lucky streak so hasn't bought one since.




Auntie Delilah
Considered by many to be the head of the Fyrsts family (maybe not by Sid), she's a force to be reckoned with.


She knows everything about everyone that works on the market. Most of the market traders have been in love with her at some point. If you ever see a trader deep in thought, you can bet your life they'll be contemplating Auntie Delilah.

Auntie Delilah was the first person ever to drive the 230 bus from Walthamstow to Wood Green (a great route), but her driving career was sadly cut short when she broke her thumb demonstrating wrestling with Big Tony that sells apples on the fruit stall up near the library. 

I bet you didn't know that Violet was the first person to be named after a colour? Well it's true.


In fact Violet was the first person to do almost everything. Violet is not about living in the past she deals with brand new firsts. She is the record breaker in the family. She's the 'go getting people to do stuff' person so, if you ever need people to jump off benches and pretend to be a fairy for the first time or even do the first singing conga line Walthamstow has ever seen, she's ya gal.


There's nothing she wont do and no one she wont do something for, for the first time at least...

Reginald (Reg) 


Known fondly across town as the ‘voice of the Fyrsts’, he has more crowd pulling power than the smell of a roast on a Sunday afternoon.


For years he worked as Walthamstow's town cryer, until the bell came off the handle and knocked Reg out for the count. He now wears a flat cap everyday to hide the scars. 


Reginald claims to own the original Andrex puppy of Walthamstow, which he stuffed and placed on the mantle piece. 

Little Joe

Something something..










Second Third Cousin Emily

The quiet one in the corner, she never says a word so we don’t know much about her. 


The first time we heard her speak was when the cat jumped out the window and off she went racing down the road shouting Fat Ginger's name. She came home with three cats that day.




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